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Google Ads? Really?

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Thank you for coming back to Online Marketing Kent for more of our thoughts.  Today, Google Ads.  What? When? How?

  • What? – Google Ad (or Google Adwords) is an advertising service offered by Google that will show your advert at the top of it’s search results for specific terms.  For instance, if you are an accountant in Richmond you might setup an ad campaign for the keyword terms  ‘Accountant in Richmond’ and when someone uses that search term your advert would be shown.  It, in effect, bypasses SEO and you pay to get to the top.  It is a PPC (Pay Per Click) advert, meaning that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.  All sound great so far!
  • When? – We’d not suggest just putting your page as an ad at the top of google for various search terms as this could get expensive.  If all of your custom comes from this then that may be a lot of clicks and a lot of money!  So, you it when and where needed.  Maybe use if for a few months at the start of you business to get interest going quickly.  Maybe you have a new product that you want to push.  Maybe you have lost a few customers and need a boost.  If your ad works and you grow your customer base then you could use other SEO techniques that are free to maintain your position.
  • How? – Set up a google account for your business, and set up your first campaign.  You can set parameters to make it work the best it can for you, for instance you can set location so only those in a certain area will see it, set the keywords for which you are looking to feature, and set a budget so if you have have too many clicks within the month Google will take your ad down until the next month.  LITTLE TIP – Focus on the benefits to the customer in the description, not on the features of the offer.  This will draw more in….

And there you have it.  Just a little about Google Adwords and how your business might benefit from them.

If you would like any help with Google Adwords campaigns, then get in touch!

Thank you all once again.

The Online Marketing Kent Team.

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