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Is Facebook All That? (For your business of course…)

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Hello again, and thank you for reading another post from Online Marking Kent.  Today…. Facebook.  Is it all that?

Ok, i’ll start simple.  Right now… YES IT IS.  Don’t let people who think they are being revolutionary tell you that Facebook is not great for business because they are just trying to be cool.  But let’s look at it objectively – 2.2 billion monthly active users – that’s a lot of people!  What does a business need?  Customers.  What does facebook have?  Customers, and lots of them!  24 minion daily users in the UK.  That could be 24 MILLION CUSTOMERS! (maybe a little challenging, but you get the picture!)

For me, the best hing about a Facebook Business Page is that you are directly connected to your customers, who have (unless you have paid for random likes) chosen to be there and follow your business.  They are interested in you, your business, and your product.   Surely that is better than just throwing your stuff out to everyone and hoping.  I spoke to a musician recently who was talking about it being better to have a few thousand fans heavily invested in you music who might spend £30 per year on your music and products and gigs, than to be anonymous in a big pool of Spotify and Apple Music madness where you’ll be lucky to be heard by anyone who isn’t related to you.

So, how to find your army of followers:

  1. Generate GREAT content.  It doesn’t have to sell them anything (intact, most shouldn’t!). Give then useful information about your product of service.  Teach them a little.  Let them into your inner circle and make them feel involved.  They will trust you.
  2. VIDEO.  Say hello and tell them what you are doing.  Show them your work and how great it is.  Show them how happy people are with your work.  Again, it will help to build their trust.
  3. Use Facebook Ads to get your best messages out there.  If you have made a post that is resonating, consider promoting that post.  You can set a limit to spend so you’ll not lose out much, and even better YOU CAN TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE.  If you are aiming for men in their 20’s, then set it to be on the feeds of men in their 20’s.  If you are looking for Retired people in your county, then set it to be on their specific feeds.  You can then grow your content.


One you have grown a following, you can start to introduce a few offers, products, and sell.  Still, most of your posts should be useful content without selling, bu 1 in 4 or so can sell a product.  Your followers are more likely to be interested if you have already hooked them in with your amazing content!

So, these were just some thoughts.  If you want to know more, then please get in touch.  If you want help in your social media, we’d be happy to help!

Thank you again.

Online Marketing Kent


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