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Why Video?

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Video is playing such a huge part in the modern world of Online and Digital Marketing. You should really be taking it seriously! I’d bet that many of you reading this will have watched an online video of some sort in the last week, possibly in the last day. So, here are some stats for you. Do these make you think about adding video content to your online and digital marketing strategy?

  • People are 64% to 85% more likely to buy after watching a video
  • 55% of people watch video online EVERY DAY
  • Search engines give priority listings to websites that host video content.
  • Videos are shared 1200% more on Facebook that links and posts combined.

These points along should be telling you to use video as an integral part of your business and website.  So how, as a business might you use video to improve your SEO, your online presence, and your customer satisfaction?

  • TESTIMONIALS.  Do you have satisfied customers?  Get them to make a short video (on your phone is perfect) saying how good your service was.   Put it onto YouTube and link it to your site.  This will act as a personal recommendation in a video.  People amply or use people they trust.  This builds trust between the customer and yourself.
  • WORK EXAMPLES.  Have you completed a job you are proud of?  Feature it in a short video and put it on your site to show the world your work.  Again, people will employ purple they trust, and if they can see your work they will trust you.
  • TEACH A LITTLE LESSON.  People trust people who share.  If you tell people a little about your job, if they want to try it themselves they can.  If they want more to be done, or further information, who will they go to?  They will go to someone they trust who is happy to help.  This is a great way of building a relationship with your customers through video.

So, there you have it.  Just a snippet of what video marketing can do you for.  If you want to know more, or start using video to promote your business, then get in touch!

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