We are Online Marketing Kent.
Specialists in marketing your company online.

Do you want to see your company higher on a Google or Bing search?

Do you want more customers finding your company online? Let us help you by harnessing the power of intelligent design, search engine optimisation, video creation and social media management.

How we work.

1 Your FREE Consultation. Just get in touch to arrange a meeting so we can meet and go through your online marketing strategy. We will find where we can best help you, and work with you to increase traffic to your site and your business.

2 Once a plan is in place, we will set about helping your business to thrive. We will stay in regular contact with you throughout, and help you realise the power of online marketing. When compete we will review our work with you to ensure we have met your needs.

No matter what industry you work in, from accountants to charities, from sports clubs to shops, and everything in-between, you will benefit from an Online Marketing Strategy. By creating targeted campaigns, optimising you search engine status (SEO), creating video content, and managing social media, your organisation will be easier to find online and stand out from the competition. We are there with you to make this happen.
We will work with you through any combination of Website design, website enhancements, Website promotion, Video creation and submission, Pay Per Click advertising campaign management, Google Local search submission, Social Media campaigns, Email marketing, Keyword research, and Testimonial building.

Case studies.

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